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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2009|10:50 pm]
Fuck cancer!

dancingshaman i wish i had gotten to know you better. I hope you journey continues to be interesting.

many hugs to britgeekgrrl
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Matty Groves [Aug. 13th, 2009|11:09 pm]
A few days ago my friend picked up a stray dog that they suspect has been abandoned. They aren't in a position to keep him, but he is a loving dog that could use a home. here is more info http://karisu-sama.livejournal.com/455477.html

please spread the word and help. Lets find him a good home!
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2009|08:36 am]
oh man, i totally slept like a rock last night. I think need to get a bit more sleep still.
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Blahhh! [Jan. 15th, 2008|10:20 am]
I don't like my 8 am class!!! its too early!!!! *wine* *complain* *wine*

*falls asleep at desk*
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Update [Jan. 14th, 2008|12:31 pm]
Well finally I have a bit of time where I am in the mood for doing an large update. I have either not had the time when I am in the mood or not been in the mood when I had the time. So now here it is!


So this has been a great Christmas break. thought I fee like i needed a vacation from my vacation after it, but oh well, such is the price of fun.
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Pictures as promissed [Nov. 28th, 2007|12:47 am]
Okay here they are. Pictures of my bracers that I am working on.

NOTE: If you think you will end up being a judge for CC 26 fantasy/sci fi masq. and you feel like seeing in progress pictures of what I think i will enter will affect your ability to judge fairly then you might not want to click.

2 pieces mostly done, 8 more big parts to go... I can do this by April....i hope...
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Dance pictures [Nov. 18th, 2007|04:05 pm]
Here are a few links to my favorite pictures from the dance show i was in a couple of weeks ago


and some day I WILL learn how to do this:
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Can't Sleep [Nov. 9th, 2007|11:52 am]
I havent been sleeping well the past few nights. this has resulting in me not getting to class bassically almost all week as I am way to tired to wake up without that much sleep. Once i fall asleep its okay, but my exzima seems to be keeping me up when im trying to fall asleep... this sucks...
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(no subject) [Nov. 1st, 2007|07:00 pm]
i hate fucking converations like that expecially over the phone.

*hides in a ball*
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Berkley pics [May. 23rd, 2007|01:42 pm]
One of my friends posted some of her pictures of me from the Berkley ballroom competition and for once there is actually a good picture of me dancing where I don't look compleatly horrible. It's really hard to get good photos since your moving around so much and the few times you do get a photo thats nice a clear, I am always critical of my form. But there are few that I like from this comp. so here they are

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